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Our Message

We want to promote a message of care, creation and hope for the future of all. We believe that together we can all work to change the world in which we are a part of for the better. We are planning on implementing this is a variety of ways. One of the biggest ways is our aim that this game/app P.A.I.N will feature a charity donation system which rewards the players with unique experiences of early release cards to play with, choice to test other features and be a bigger part of our team, this will be offered to the top 100 people of the charity tournament. The profits of P.A.I.N will always have a percentage donated to the ecological restoration of our human environment. We are aiming to help integrate our use of technology with promotion of maintaining the WORLD in which we live in. We also believe in education. We are going to do our best to see about how we can integrate this with our app/game and everything we do.


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