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Introduction to P.A.I.N

Hello World.

My name is Ian Broussard and together with my wife Gabriel Broussard we are building not just a game, we are building a future. We are Prism Animus Interactive Nexus (P.A.I.N). We are currently making one of many games to come. We are in search of others who would like to work with us. We have a really solid foundation of where we are taking this game and our over all goal in growing with the flourishing communities that exist. We are looking for others to build this with. We really value personal artistic creativity. Every journey must start somewhere. We've been working hard on getting our game design document as far as possible, as well as building the general hierarchy and placeholders in Prism Animus(The Beginning Demo), we are at the point of needing to reach out there. Thus into the world to find others who are interested in joining us! We know greater possibilities await for all of us who can work together to create visions far beyond our individual abilities! The image below is not of our current game just some stuff I did while getting familiar with using Blender and Unity. I am going to upload the little block breaker- number guessing game(you see the end screen of below) I made soon.

A simple project i did a few months ago in blender and unity. Please forgive my lack of UV work and object placement. Focus was on coding/transfering/3-d familiarity, I did not get to the UV layers much as I wanted. Thank you blender guru for tutorials and textures. As well as Udemy for tutorials.

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