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Currently Update on Our Progress

So, as we proceed into the month of June, Lots of time has been spent on further workings with building up websites, meeting people, we have a few different people who want to do music, as well as a few animators which we are looking to hire once we get this ball rolling. We are working on a digital copy coloring book we are going to link for sale or Patreon supporters. It will be of the outlines which art created of our characters for P.A.I.N, as well as the backgrounds. As well as special early access to our comic graphic novel in digital format. We have also given thought to creating another unrelated comic strip, Goofy Parents Guide To Maturity, as well as The Uncomfortable In-law.

So things continue to build, we have more of our original cast drawn out for P.A.I.N.. We have been working on the scripts and dialogues. I am going back into my other game demo of skills to further write intro into Tess'Ella : ADventure Loves Company. Much more in the works. Looking forward to all of this coming together. I will be posting pictures and updates on the Indie DB site which you can access from the home page of this web site, later on this week.

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