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Our Hero's inner struggle of the souls scream, when cast as the villain. Ghostly eyes from the future and past draw forth from the journey.

A picture drawn by Gabriel Broussard and Co created with Ian Broussard for the Character Design Challenge of April 2019. Theme: Kabuki Theater. Butoh Theatre Inspired. Mei. Transitional. Reflective. WIP. Will be a Card in Prism Animus Interactive Nexus App. Card in development 4/12/2019.

#Anime #prismanimusinteractive #indiegamedev #independentartists #emotionallyexplicit #characterdesign

4-12-2019; It is in a transitional phase. It was created/inspired for participating in a Kabuki Theme Character Design Challenge. The Characters name is "Contention." as well as the mei, or pose here. A background will be added. Possibly a few different ones. However this seemed like a good point to be able to stop and call it for a character design challenge. It also seemed fitting considering the meaning of white and purity speaking from that aspect. Gabriel and Ian are both working on this piece together. Inspired from many of the Japanese cultural references.

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