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Prism Animus Interactive Nexus


In the process of making P.A.I.N enjoyable!


Prism Animus Interactive Nexus

Prism Animus Interactive Nexus (P.A.I.N) is an app currently in development. It is the name of our game and our company. This current game is only one of many games to come. It is a nexus in which we will be tying in more than just story line and character. We are looking for our community. We believe in crude kindness with a side of critic. We love depth and flavor in all things. We know Pain is a part of life, we would like to make it enjoyable, LIFE that is. What do you think were some sort of masochists? Well... If you would like information on the game or to find out how to support or become a part of the team, please drop us a line. 

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Visit this page or check out the blogs for more game info.

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